Elk Shoals

Elk Shoals Background

For many years, Camp Elk Shoals provided a place for faith-directed recreation for persons of all backgrounds. However, since 2012 the Camp struggled to financially cover all of its expenses, including necessary maintenance of the facilities. The Western North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church and Camp Board worked together to try and find a way to make the Camp viable and self-sustaining. Unfortunately, even with much thought and consulting assistance, they were not able to find a way to maintain the operations of the Camp without great external support. In 2016, NRC began negotiations with the Conference to purchase Elk Shoals. The New River Conservancy and New River State Park (NRSP) have since been working together to add Elk Shoals to the Park so that the property would be permanently protected and remain open for the public to enjoy. Over the next few years New River Conservancy worked to raise the funds needed to purchase the property, and add it to the New River State Park.

Saving Elk Shoals

On December 17, 2018 we saw a decades worth of your work come to fruition with the closing on Elk Shoals, officially adding the property to the New River State Park! This was a major milestone on the Elk Shoals Journey we would have never reached without your support. The purchase ensures that that an additional 270 acres and 3 miles of river are permanently protected. As both NRC and NRSP prioritize protecting water quality, the purchase ads three more miles of river to the watchful eyes of this partnership. The property also has known threatened and endangered species on it and in the river around it, including the largest population of Virginia Spiraea on the South Fork of the New River. NRC has already worked to restore the riparian buffer on this property and facilitated a conservation easement on a third of the property. The addition of the Elk Shoals property to the New River State Park guarantees that the rest of the property is protected forever. The Elk Shoals property is in Ashe County, approximately 5 miles to the east of West Jefferson, NC and 12 miles upriver from the Wagoner Access of NRSP. It is now the most upstream access of the New River State Park adding approximately 14 rives miles to the previous 26.5 river miles managed by the park.

ReWilding Elk Shoals

Elk Shoals is undoubtedly an Ashe County icon, that has been cut off from the community for far to long. The significance of Elk Shoals became evident when the community came together to purchase the property to be added to the New River State Park and be permanently protected. However, the journey to Save Elk Shoals is not yet over. We now need your help to ReWild Elk Shoals, so that we can officially reopen the property to the public for the first time in over five years. ReWilding efforts have already begun, including riverbank restoration along the entrance to the park. Significant improvements to the beach area have been made as well, including construction of picnic areas and handicap accessible parking. Preparations to reopen the community room to the public are underway, and the demolition of some buildings has begun. There will also be another significant riverbank restoration phase, including planting 25,000 native plants across 6 acres of Elk Shoals - truly ReWilding the property. Finally, there is an extensive trail network inside Elk Shoals that are in need of mainteance and preparation.
So donate today, so that we can ReWild, to Reopen, and to Reintroduce the public to natural fun at Elk Shoals.


We need volunteers on Thursday June 27th to help with trail maintenance,
cleaning up the camp ground, removing invasive species, and planting native plants.
The more help we get from our River Warriors, the sooner the property and can reopen this Ashe County Icon!
Plus, who doesn't need another excuse to spend time out at Elk Shoals ?

Click HERE to register.

For more information on volunteer opporotunities contact:
Communications and Outreach Coordinator: Summer Rich at summer@newriverconservancy.org.

Doante Now to Help us ReWild!

We are currently seeking to raise
$75,000 for River Restoration
$150,000 for Demolition
$25,000 for Trail maintenance and preparation.

If you wish to donate via mail, checks can be made out to:
New River Conservancy
Checks can be mailed to:
PO Box 1480, West Jefferson, NC 28690

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