New River State Park

NRC and New River State Park were born at the same time from the same event. The fight to stop the dams ended when these 26.5 miles of river were federally protected under the Wild & Scenic Rivers Act. Since then NRC has helped purchase over 1,000 acres for New River State Park. These properties have preserved the excellent water quality, provided desperately needed habitat, added miles of hiking trails and camping, and protected the beauty for paddlers and river lovers. Click HERE for a map of new trails and camping.
"Since becoming Park Superintendent at New River State Park, we have had a major land purchase every year. I don't believe any other state park in NC holds this distinction. It is due to our partnership with NRC that New River State Park has grown to its current size" Joe Shimel, New River State Park Superintendent.

The map below shows locations of the 1,000+ acres and the miles of river restoration projects we've added to and done in the New River State Park.
Click on the circles to learn more about the projects.
Green circles represent land acqusition projects Blue circles represent restoration projects
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