Meet our Supporters

2018 Contributions

Listed by amount as of Mar 31

National River Society ($2,500+)
Pardue, Annie
BB&T Charitable Foundation
Blowing Rock Rotary Foundation
Walters, Laura and Jeff Arnold

American Heritage River Society ($1,000 - $2,499)
Lovett, Robert and Miriam

Wild and Scenic River Society ($500 - $999)
Dejuneas, James and Laura

Oustanding Resource Water Society ($300 - $499)
Kelley, Mary
Campbell, William and Ann Tyson
Byrne, James and Suellen

Candy Darters ($150 - $299)
Sizemore, Deborah and Gary
Halsey, Jonathan
Cunningham, David and Darlene
Clark, Carson and Ken
Scurry, Bill and Judy

New River Shiners ($50 - $149)
Laine, Chris and Pegge
The Animal Hospital of Ashe
New River Custom Builders
Lukacs, Heather
Lifestore Insurance
Lee, Sandy and David
Burke, Steven and Peggy
Blue Ridge Energy
Beatty, Jane and Joe
William and Marilyn Wood
Pearson, Bob
Green, Laura and James
Brisbane, Peter
Niemitz, Bruno and Anna
Miller, David Lee
Kovach, Samuel
Alleghany Cares

Kanawha Minnows ($1 - $49)
Raflo, Alan Louis
Smith, Edward
Slusser, Timothy
Finkle, Gary
Taylor, Sue
Snyder, Joe
O'Banion, Ernest and Frances
Lynch, Jack and Eva
Amburn, Constance
Ziegler, Anna and Bill Parker
Wilson, Paul and Jean
Nickell, David and Susan
Glen Gostick
Dyke, Misty
Yarnell, Linda

2017 Corporate Supporters

River Ridge Land and Cattle Company

River Ridge Land and Cattle Company is comprised of 1,500 acres nestled along the New River in the mountains of Grayson County Virginia. Most of the property is under a perpetual conservation easement and has been a model for restorative farming for the past 35 years. Among other things, River Ridge is a grass finishing operation for Grayson Natural Farms. All cattle raised on River Ridge are raised without growth enhancing hormones and antibiotics.

Boondocks Brewing

On August 19th, Boondocks capped off its annual "Save the New River" event. This partnership with Sweetwater Brewing riased $5,000 in two years! Sweetwater donated raffle items and Boondocks hosted events. Boondocks staff worked hard selling raffle fish and Sweetwater beer which ensured the success!

Mast General Store

On the 1st Saturday in June, Mast supports Land Trust Day. They donate 20% of their sales for the day to NRC. They have done this for 11 years! “Maintaining a good balance of open space is important to the vitality of any community and to its residents’ quality of life,” said Fred Martin, president of Mast General Store. “These open spaces provide opportunities for recreation, food production, safe water supplies, and leisure enjoyment…all of which contribute not only to the physical wellbeing of a community, but also its economic vitality.”

BB&T Bank

BB&T Bank's corporate fondation has been supporting NRC's work since 2004. BB&T is firmly rooted in the communities it serves. There are at least 25 branches in the New River Watershed. BB&T is proud to join its friends and neighbors in building stronger and more vital communities.

New River Paddle Fishing Tournament

Back Country Ski and Sport Inc. and Montgomery County Parks and Rec are proud to present the 8th Annual New River Paddle Fishing Tournament on Saturday, July 15 2017! Test your bass fishing skills in the prime waters of the New River against other local anglers and see if you have what it takes to land the big one! The tournament format is catch, photo, and release.

2017 Contributions

Listed by amount as of Dec 31

National River Society ($2,500+)
Fred Stanback Donor Advised Fund
Z Smith Reynolds Foundation
Pardue, Annie
Pardue, Richard and Nancy
Foggy Mountian Nursery
Allison, John and Betty
Edmisten, Rufus and Linda
Anderson, Chip and Judy
Barrier, Bill and Laura
Mast General Store
McGee, Larry and Sandra
Blowing Rock Rotary Foundation
Horn, Mike and Fanny Stronach
Braun, David and Staci
Corpening, Harry and Suzie

American Heritage River Society ($1,000 - $2,499)
New River Paddle Fishing Tournament
Solomon Enterprises
Boondocks Brewing
Walters, Laura and Jeff Arnold
Byrne, James and Suellen
MacConnell, John
Sweazey, George
Wagner, Tracy and Jill
Bishop, Julia
Elston, Mary and A C V
Guion, Andrew and Pam
Kirlin, Nan and Dave
Lovett, Robert and Miriam
Mackey, Robert
Overpeck, Drew and Sally
Phillips, Donald and Patricia
Powell, Mary Louise

Wild and Scenic River Society ($500 - $999)
Jordan, Fred and Clare
Summer Slam Bass Fishing Tournament
Cannon, John and Mary
Huber, Peter and Patricia
Lassiter, Robert and Jane
McCloskey, Robert and Kathleen
A Parkers Electrical Service
Gardner, Barbara and Mike
Thompson, Jeff and Carol
Hart, Donald and Vonda
Moxley, Russ and Jean
Rouse, Richard and Joyce
Slade, Joseph and Linda
Jones, Scott and Mary
Bobbitt, Karen
Caldwell, Lynn and Paul
Darden, Ellen and Steven
Davison, Alexander
Geiger, Gary and Bobbi
Glass, Christopher and Jane
Harrill, Ed and Annabel
Jordan, Henry and Dyeann
Kerns, Dale and Linda
Lovett, Charles and Janice
McDonald's of West Jefferson
Mikush, Don and Sandra
Seaman, Allen and Pirjo
The Hotel Tavern
Wilson, Peter and Mary Lou

Oustanding Resource Water Society ($300 - $499)
Morley, Gesche and Eric (Metz)
Gayheart, Willard
Green, Laura and James
Berrang, Lindsay
Hanes, Charlotte
Kelley, James and Alice
Lost Province Brewing Company
Sizemore, Deborah and Gary
Santucci, George and Annette Bednosky
Heath, Alan and Gloria
Bostian, Frieda and Charles
Barrett, Bernard and Sandy
Blackford, Doug and Martha Cutler
Goette, Ann and Richard Claus
Nolan, Bob and Nancy
Obenshain, Beth and Fred Carlisle
Ohrstrom, George

Candy Darters ($150 - $299)
Aiken, Michael and Catherine
Clay, William and Anna Rivola-Clay
Cunningham, David and Darlene
Dunbar, Ian and Jane
Ellis, Terrell
Halsey, Hardin and Janet
Halsey, Jonathan
Hart, Donald and Mary
Johnson, Thomas and Charlene
Kincaid, Charles and Nancy
Parks, Kate and Jim
Renfro, Traylor and Diana
Ziegler & Ziegler, L.C.
Redding, Mary Anne and Roger Atkins
A1 Mountain Realty
Abbot, Robert and Claire Cifalogio
Angermeier, Paul
Apple, Dan and Sandy
Blesse, Monnie and Frederick
Clark, Roger
Divine, Patricia
Griffin, Sam
Hayes, Michele and David
Harris, R Norman and Nancy
Hillegass, Suzanna
Kelley, Mary
Lawson, Reed
Rankin, Charles and Chris
Santucci, Charlene and George
Todd, James and Linda
Whittle, Charlie and Betty Sutton
Williams, Ann
Almerini, Chris
Blood, Lawrence and Priscilla
Cissna, Bill and Kathy
Considine, Patrick and Alice Atwood
Elrod, Joseph and Eileen
Gamble, Elizabeth and Peter Lichstein
Hendrix, Phil
Johnston, Mark and Diane
Lee, Sandy and David
Meinecke, Keith
Miller, Calvin and Katrina
Reyes, Mary Jane
Seagle, Benjamin and Ann

New River Shiners ($50 - $149)
Fioramonti, Karen
England, Laura and Michael Madritch
Cornett, William and Stephanie
Graham, Charles and Elaine
Isner, David and Jacquelyne
Shore, Robert
Ziegler, Anna and Bill Parker
Wilson, Paul and Jean
Bell, Michael and Joan
Adams, Edmund and Marion
Anne and Alex Bernhardt Foundation (NCCF)
Arey, JoAnn
Bednosky, Mary Lou
Belton, Richard and Nancy
Benner, Bob and Donna
Blackburn, Bill and Jan
Blue Ridge Energy
Boelhower, Mary Ellen and John
Brady, Charles
Branham, Stacy
Brown, Ezra and Tommie
Brown, Rodney and Martha
Bullard, Laura
Burke, Steven and Peggy
Burr, Richard and Brooke
Carter, Dee and Joel
CHA Consulting
Chapin, Donna
Clarke-Pearson, Dan and Kathleen
Collins, Ida Maude or Alison Huskey
Covington, Faison
Davis, Richard and Mary
Dean, Betty and James
Flaherty, Thomas and Beverly
Fort, Jim and Jean
Franklin, Alton and Carolyn Sakowski
Franklin, Robert and Cheryl Roberts
Gitter, Sandra and Allan
Gomo, Kelman
Greene, Joel and Kelly
Greer, Dallas and Margaret
Hamrick, Melinda
Hardy, Paul and Freda
Hearron, Tom and Patricia
Hoffman, Pamela
Holloway, Laurie
Jenkins, David
Johnson, Phillip and Carolyn
Jordan, Byron and Nancy
Kadyk, Marc and Sandy
Kalmus, Gerhard and Karin
Kennedy, Richard and Judith
Kovach, Samuel
Ledea, Philip and Zoila
Leet, Alan and Deborah
Lewis, Douglas and Emilie
Marland, Bonnie and Gregg
Marsten, Becky and Kent
McClary, Lynn and Jim
McDermott, Jeanne and Bob Brown
McLendon, John and Connie
Mezey, Petsy
Mikeworth, Laurie and Kevin
Miller, Jimmy and Debra
N. B. Smith Trustee
New River Trips LLC
Nicholson, Robert
Padgette, Polly
Perdue, Bill and Carol
Radio Station WKSK
Randolph, Kimberly
Rea, Phillip and Karen
Reynolds, David and Diane
Rice, David and Deborah
Robertson, Dav (William) and Eliza
Saal, Frederick and Claire
Shuford, Alex
Slade, Andrew and Amanda
Smoak, James
Solberg, Todd and Inga
Steele, Gwynita and Harry
Stiles, Sue and Bill
Supin, Charles and Bonnie
Sutcliffe, Lillian and Nicholas
Thompson, Arlene Edwards
US Infrastructure of Carolina, Inc
Van Wey, Melissa and Joseph
Warren, R. Lee and Deborah
Weaver, Joel and June
Williams, Wayne and Mary
Willingham, Jacquelyn
Wilson, Mike and Tanya
Withrow, Jerry and Marcella McIntyre
Woodyard, Ellen and Jackie
Young, John and Cheryl
Ziegler, David and Myra
Dotson, Jennifer
Arrington, Aubrey
Mead, James and Ruth
Broderson, Carol
Capling, Phil
Chanlett, Chris and Torula Chanlett Avery
Everhart, Dick and Suzanne
Hall, Kerren
Harmon, Gary
Inman, Robert and Paulette
Martichenko, Robert
Meinecke, Rob and Harriet
Nichols, Robert and Marilyn Butler
Pearson, Bob
Potts, Susan
Reece, Wade and Kathy
Rushing, Corbitt and Peggy
Thaxton, Chris and Tonya Coffey
The Worth Law Firm
Tucker, Bill and Jane
White, Charlotte and Charles R
Finkle, Gary
Newton, David and Durand
Yarnell, Linda
Alexander, Julie S
Atkins, Sally and Bill
Atwell, Chuck and Julia
Aycock, Ellis and Barbara
Bartlett, Nancy and Paul
Blaylock, Jim and Karen
Clark, Elizabeth
Coker, John and Barbara
Colby, Jeffrey
Compton, Amelia and Jenny Wiley
Cooper, Arthur and Jean
Cooper, Mary Lee
Copeland, John and Lucy
DMA Event Productions
Eldreth, Dean and Eleanor
Hobson, Henry and Jill
Humbert, Bill and Shirley
Jarvis, Jeneve and John
Jones, Harry and Rosemary Julian
Jones, Thomas and Miriam Ash-Jones
Leonard, Dixie and Mimi
Leslie, Suzie and Randy
Levine, Larry and Levine Family Found Special Acct
Linville, Ron and Alice
Love, John D and Mary
McPhatter, Dick and Betty
Meredith, Susan
Murphy, Joseph and Sharon
Murray, Joy
Niemitz, Bruno and Anna
Pamplin, William
Patterson, John and Ann
Perlman, Mark and Allyson
Perzel, George and Allmuth
Piney Creek Watershed Association
Polson, Margaret
Raabe, Peter
Roach, Ann
Rohr, Kathy and John
Ruppalt, Ingrid and Gary
Sebastian, James
Sharp, Lillian
Stone, Nancy
Taylor, Sue
Thomas, Jackie Maurice and Pamela
Truitt, Steve
Upchurch, Shelda
Weir, Patrick and Niki
Wells, Dewey
Wells, Justin and Rebecca

Kanawha Minnows ($1 - $49)
Cole, Catherine
Crum, Jonathon and Alexandra
Hoffman, David and Sherry
Odell, Amelia and Doug
Odell, John and Katherine
Raflo, Alan Louis
Stephenson, Martha and Dennis Grady
Vuolo, John and Elizabeth
Boyd, James and Karen
Caldwell, David and Tammy
McDonald, Jacquelin and
Iannaccone, Geno and Karen
Lewis, Flora and Ronald
Pitts, Laura and Robert
Sheets, Karen
Bell, Kristen and David Travis
Big Horse Creek Farm
Caraway, Anne
Cotterman, Laura and John
Gerlach, Juergen
Kilby, Joyce Thompson
Martin, Jeff and Rose
Scott, Bill and Judy
Walters, Brett
Bailey, Evelyn and Glenn
Bathanti, Joseph and Joan
Bolduc, Joan
Clay, James
D'Jernes, Philip
Diehl, Cynthia and Kenneth
Feild, William and Gisela
Flynt, Bill
Gottfredson, Michael and Emily
Guaranteed Supply Company
Habrecht, George and Joanne
Herman-Giddens, Marcia and Doug Berg
Hinkelmann, Klaus and Christa
Huffman, Richard and Pattie
James, Kim and Greg Cosgrove
Jessee, Peggy
Johnson, Janet
Kotch, Jonathan and Anne
Maxwell, Stockton
McMahon, Alex
Mickey, Joe and Pamela
Moore, Richard and Mary Lou
Nichols, Alan and Cathy
Olney, Willard and Margaret
Overman, Mildred
Peters, Betsy and Tracy
Renfro, Ruth
Ridge, Michael
Tapp, James and Pamela
Tedder, Steven and Barbara
Van Huyck, Mary and Alfred
Vann, Katharine and Orrin
Wilson, Phil and Alice
Blount, Chelsea
Booker, Emilie
Dyke, Misty
Williams, Scott
Fuerst, David
Lankford, Thomas and Rebecca
Wartluft, Kim
Giving Assistant
Armentrout, Mark
Beck, Clyde
Gibson, Merribeth
Ruffin, Betty
Shake, Stephen
Slade, Lindley
Stevenson, David
Strenz, Robert and Cheri
Toomey, Jim and Alicia
Walters, Ethan
Walters, Evan
Howell, Romer