Meet our Supporters

2018 Contributions

Listed by amount as of Dec 31

National River Society ($2,500+)
Stanback, Fred and Alice
Z Smith Reynolds Foundation
Ehrhart, Rick
Blue Ridge Energy
Kirlin, Nan and Dave
SkyLine SkyBest
Barrier, Bill and Laura
Allison, John and Betty
Hanes, F. Borden and Ann
Pardue, Annie
MacConnell, John
Black, Robert and Carol
Anderson, Chip and Judy
BB&T Charitable Foundation
Foggy Mountian Nursery
Lifestore Community Fund
Pardue, Richard and Nancy
Mast General Store
Facebook Fundraisers
Brushy Fork Environmental
Brank, Joseph
Blowing Rock Rotary Foundation
Reigel, Terrence and Nancy
Walters, Laura and Jeff Arnold
McGee, Larry and Sandra

American Heritage River Society ($1,000 - $2,499)
Solomon, TJ
O'Connor, Michael
Horn, Mike and Fanny Stronach
Boondocks Brewing
Jones, David B.
A Parkers Electrical Service
Carter, Dee and Joel
Guion, Andrew and Pam
Jordan, Henry and Dyeann
Kerns, Dale and Linda
Lovett, Robert and Miriam
Martin, Billy
Morton, Judy
Overpeck, Drew and Sally
Statnick, Thomas

Wild and Scenic River Society ($500 - $999)
Elliot, Robert and Suzanne Reynolds
New River Paddle Fishing Tournament
Slade, Joseph and Linda
Byrne, James and Suellen
Green, Laura and James
The Hotel Tavern
Walkabout Outfitter
Ziegler, Anna and Bill Parker
Darnell, Phil and Bennett
Dejuneas, James and Laura
Glass, Christopher and Jane
Hidden Mountain Home Owners Association
Jones, David and Patricia
Jones, Scott and Mary
McDonald's of West Jefferson
McMillan, Joe
Derek Moretz
Powell, Mary Louise
Reid, Michael and Antha
Scott, Patricia
Sharp, Llyn and Bob Miller
Thompson, Jeff and Carol

Oustanding Resource Water Society ($300 - $499)
Lassiter, Robert and Jane
Boren, Hanes and Lida
Caldwell, Lynn and Paul
Cathey, Margaret and Bob
Gardner, Barbara and Mike
Hart, Donald and Vonda
Mikush, Don and Sandra
Santucci, George and Annette Bednosky
Goldfein, Sarah
Gilbert, George and Rebecca
Lamson, Jo
Lawson, Reed
Lost Province Brewing Company
Nielsen, Chris and Marcia Borden
Wilson, Paul and Jean
Frye, Scott and Monica Hoffner
Blackburn, Bill and Jan
Blackford, Doug and Martha Cutler
Broderson, Carol
Campbell, William and Ann Tyson
Clark, Roger
Corpening, Harry and Suzie
Goette, Ann and Richard Claus
Isner, David and Jacquelyne
Johnson, Charles and Shannon
Kelley, Mary
Kilby, Andrew
Nunnink, Melissa
Rouse, Richard and Joyce
Sizemore, Deborah and Gary
Todd, James and Linda
Tucker, Doris and Ethan

Candy Darters ($150 - $299)
Bishop, Julia
Blesse, Monnie and Frederick
Carolina Canoe Club
Clar, Carson and Ken
Cunningham, David and Darlene
Dunbar, Ian and Jane
Global Manufacturing Services, Inc
Halsey, Hardin and Janet
Halsey, Jonathan
Hart, Donald and Mary
Miller Insurance Agency
Parks, Kate and Jim
Phillips, Sarah and Dean
Spidel, Michael
Steve Johnson Auto World
Tomberg, James and Pamela Groben
Wesche, Robert
Angermeier, Paul
Blount, Angie and Michael
Burke, Steven and Peggy
Fenwick, Elizabeth
Heath, Alan and Gloria
Jordan, Mike and Margaret
Kalmus, Gerhard and Karin
Kelley, James and Alice
Kovacich, John and Debbie
Mashburn, Rick and Ken Frazelle
McBride, Sue Osborne
Murphy, Joseph and Sharon
Padgette, Polly
Rea, Phillip and Karen
Scurry, Bill and Judy
Seagle, Benjamin and Ann
Stephenson, Martha and Dennis Grady
Winsor, Roger
Ziegler, David and Myra
Ritchey, Elizabeth
Almerini, Chris
Ballard, Scott
Bednosky, Mary Lou
Bullard, Laura
Clouse, LeVonda and Bernard
Crutchfield, Brian and Kathy
Divine, Patricia
Hearron, Tom and Patricia
Huber, Peter and Patricia
Jordan, Byron and Nancy
Kovach, Samuel and Marlowe
Lythgoe, Robert
Marshall, Teresa
Mikeworth, Laura and Kevin
Peterson, Lynn
Santucci, Chris and Nikki
Severt, Annie
Slade, Andrew and Amanda
Solberg, Todd and Inga
Thaxton, Chris and Tonya Coffey
Tyson, Ruel and David
Watson, Fannie and Virginia Dodd

New River Shiners ($50 - $149)
Big Horse Creek Farm
Cornett, William and Stephanie
Laine, Chris and Pegge
Lumpkin, Tom and Vicki
Ohrstrom, George
Ashe Computer Services
Dyke, Misty
Nickell, David and Susan
Pro River Outfitters
Sheets, Karen
Wagner, Tracy and Jill
Blount, Chelsea
Ogburn, James and Melinda
Aiken, Michael and Catherine
Anne and Alex Bernhardt Foundation
Appalachian Therapeutic Massage
Arbor Grove United Methodist Church
Arey, JoAnn
Arnold, Kimberly
Austin, Kenneth and Phyllis
Bailey, Tashia and David
Barry, John and Anne
Beatty, Jane and Joe
Beier, Greg
Bell, Joseph and Nancy
Blood, Lawrence and Priscilla
Blount, Keith
Bluemoonistic Images
Bostian, Frieda and Charles
Brady, Charles
Briggs, Alan
Brown, Ezra and Tommie
Brown, John and Patricia
Brown, Rodney and Martha
Burgess, Richard and Patricia
Burke, David
Burr, Richard and Brooke
Calland, Philip
Capling, Phil
Carlson, Ken
Carroll, Richard (Dickson) and Rives
Chefas, Kathryn and John
Clark, Bill and Cathy
Clark, Walter and Johnny Burleson
Clarke-Pearson, Dan and Kathleen
Contentment on the Cove Bed & Breakfast
Copeland, John and Lucy
Coulter, Lonnie and Carol
Davison, Alexander
Dickenson, Joe Don and Pam
Elder, Jan Robbins
Elrod, Joseph and Eileen
England, Laura and Michael Madritch
Dieter Family
Fioramonti, Karen and Bill
Franklin, Alton and Carolyn Sakowski
Franklin, Robert and Cheryl Roberts
Gamble, Elizabeth and Peter Lichstein
Gitter, Sandra and Allan
Glover, Lucinda
Greene, Joel and Kelly
Greenwell, Robert and Mildred
Grissom, Martha and Chuck Horne
Hafner, Richard
Haigh, Carol and William
Hall, Susan and Kyle
Hammond, Joshua
Hanes, James and Jane
Hansell, Tom and Sarah Carmichael
Heisey, Cheryl and Rogers, Martin
Hendrix, Phil
Hill, Sherry
Hillegrass, Sherry
Hoffman, Pamela
Holloway, Laurie
Howland, Linda and Ray
Huber, Frances
Hyder, Brian
Jenkins, David
Johnson, John Griffith and Alix
Johnson, Thomas and Charlene
Jones, Edith and Tom
Jones, Thomas and Miriam Ash-Jones
Kasel, Tom and Sharon
Kotch, Jonathan and Anne
Kerns, Dale and Linda
Lambeth, Donny and Pamela
Lane, Richard and Amelia
Law, Louise and Rod Pace
Lawson, Dennis and Laura
Lee, Sandy and David
Lifestore Insurance
Lukacs, Heather
Lythgoe, Megan
Mallett, Larry
Marland, Bonnie and Gregg
Marshall, Bynum and Angela
Marsten, Becky and Kent
Maus, Charlie and Nancy
Maxman, Melissa and Glenn Marcus
McClary, Lynn and Jim
McLendon, John and Connie
McMahon, Michael
Mezey, Petsy
Miller, Anthony
Miller, Robin and Rebecca
Monroe, Chase and Jennifer
Naylor, Garvice and Catherine
New River Custom Builders
Nicholson, Robert
Obenshain, Beth and Fred Carlisle
Olander, Don and Claire
Permar, David
Proctor, Jeffrey
Pudlo, Jean and Ron
Rees-Jones, Lynn and Hugh
Rice, David and Deborah
River House, Inc.
Robertson, Dav (William) and Eliza
Rogers, Gregg and Lori
Saal, Claire
Schlueter, Linda and Jeff
Sharp, Lillian
Sheffield, Susan
Shuford, Alex
Smoak, James
Sparta ECA Club
Spruill, John and Jenny
Starr, Joseph and Karen
Stiles, Sue and Bill
Stover, Trenton
Strenz, Robert and Cheri
Suiter, Brooke
Sundstrom, Philip
Sutcliffe, Lillian and Nicholas
The Animal Hospital of Ashe
The Spice is Right, LLC
The White Water Women of VA Tech
Thomas, Randall and Susan
Thompson, Arlene Edwards
Town of Boone
Wheeler, Tessa
Williams, Donald and Mary-Bacon
Williams, Wayne and Mary
Woodyard, Ellen and Jackie
Young, Philip and Becca White
Ziegler, Margaret Gretchen
Aetna Foundation
Arrington, Aubrey
Atwell, Julia and Chuck
Bohon, Cletus
Brown, Marty
Branyon, David and Martha
Brisbane, Peter
Cissna, Bill and Kathy
Dixon-Fowler, Heather
Leonard, Dixie and Mimi
Lye, George and Lola
Nichols, Robert and Marilyn Butler
Pearson, Bob
Rohr, Kathy
Rushing, Corbitt and Peggy
Wood, William and Marilyn
Yolton, David and Karen
Arvidson, Chris and Henry Doss
Ruseva, Tatyana and Sean Sweeney
Hobson, Henry and Jill
Holme, Melissa
Tucker, Bill and Jane
Yarnell, Linda
Lynch, Jack and Eva
Alleghany Cares
Almond, Michael and Helen Ruth
Arrowood, John and Kyle
Bandy, Allen and Deborah
Bartlett, Nancy and Paul
Belton, Richard and Nancy
Benfield, Ray
Blatny, Doug and Jackie Nelson
Bonetti, Gregory
Brown, Judi
Bryant, Keith
Case, Lisa and Bill
Clark, Ann and Carroll
Claudy, Rosemary
Cobb, Becky and Bill
Cole, Catherine
Collins, Ida Maude or Alison Huskey
Compton, Amelia and Jenny Wiley
Conklin, Glen
Cook, Leslie
Cooper, Arthur and Jean
Cunningham, Camille and Jacob
Dacchille, Kathy
Dargan-Powers, Rose
Dinnerstein, Paula
Dunn, Paul and Jeanne
Edwards, Jane
Eldreth, Eleanor
Fishburn, Nancy
Fowler, Vickie
Gairtor, Jim and Julia
Gillis, Joseph and Silvia Lizama
Goble, Lisa
Grass, Jeff
Green, David and Sheryl
Hawkins, William
Higgins, Katherine
Hoyle, David and Julie Smith
Inn at Riverbend
Jamback, Richard and Leslie
Johnson, Jeremiah and Karen
Johnson, Peter
Jones, Harry and Rosemary Julian
Lawton, Jim (Herbert) and Lynn
Ledea, Philip and Zoila
Legra Land Investors, Inc
Mathews, Dorothy
Mauldin, Patricia
May, Chuck and Debbie
McCachren, Susan
McIntyre, Palmer and J.P.
McKenzie, D. Keith
Miller, David Lee
Moore, Richard and Mary Lou
Murray, Joy
New River Trips LLC
Niemitz, Bruno and Anna
Parker-Johnson, Paul
Pasley, James
Patriquin, Christopher
Piney Creek Watershed Association
Polson, Margaret
Putney, Estill
Ray, Margaret
Redding, James and Ellen
Reece, Wade and Kathy
Reynolds, David and Diane
Roach, Ann
Ruppalt, Ingrid and Gary
Rural Hall Moravian Church
Scott, Bill and Judy
Sebastian, James
Shepherd, Bob
SIB Enterprises
Siemanowski, Elizabeth
Smith, Joanne and James
Statham, Dick and Wardene
Stutzman, Claudia and Warren
Swanson, Melissa
Tucker, Aaron
Vestal, Sterling
Webster, Scott and Loren
Weir, Patrick and Niki
Young, Carolyn

Kanawha Minnows ($1 - $49)
Hoffman, David and Sherry
Raflo, Alan Louis
Frankel, Nicholas
Higgins, H.P.
Rash, Johnny
Stewart, Danielle
Cotterman, Laura and John
Felder, Shelley and Charles
Iannaccone, Geno and Karen
Van Huyck, Mary and Alfred
Caraway, Anne
Croteau, Joan
Jones, Mac
Levine, Larry and Levine Family Found Special Acct
Shumate, Amanda
Van Noy, Rick and Catherine
Wilson, Kay
Finkle, Gary
Arnold, David
Blackburn, Ronye and Donald
Borkowski, Francis and Kay
Brady, Kenneth and Margaret
Burgin, William and Terry
Chanlett, Chris and Torula Chanlett Avery
Coan, Austin and Tay
Compton, Travis
Constance Amburn
Cox, Virginia
D'Jernes, Philip
Davis, Richard and Mary
Dynesius, Rick
Elder, Lora
Fleming, Beverly
Habrecht, George and Joanne
Haines, Kenneth and Stephanie
Hall, Linda
Harmon, Gary
Heldreth, Richard and Mary
Hinkelmann, Klaus and Christa
Hoffman, Michael and Carol
Holt, Ted and Myra
Jessee, Peggy
Johnston, Buddy
Lazo, Theresa and Robert
Linck, Jon
Lindsley, Derek and Carolyn
McLeod, Mike
Naylor, David
Nichols, Alan and Cathy
O'Banion, Frances
O'Neill, Katherine
Odell, Amelia and Doug
Paulsen, Carl
Phillips, Teresa
Renfro, Ruth
Sain-Bissette, Debra
Snyder, Joe
Sorrell, Beth and Ralph
Tapp, James and Pamela
Taylor, Sue
Ursomarso, Summer
Waugh, John
White, Connie and Frank
Wilson, Phil and Alice
Worsham, Doug and Linda
Bay, Emily
Brunjes, Jonathan
Gentry, Amanda
Gibson, Merribeth
Glen Gostick
Green, Mary Lou
Jacobs, Missy
Kilby, Joyce Thompson
Lineweaver, Debbie and Jason Wilson
Mountain Plex Properties
Rose Mountain Butcher Shoppe LLC
Seiler, Melanie
Waugh, Wes and Lynne
Webb, Joel
Wells, Jim and Nancy Shannon
Holdsworth, John and Dianne
Cotrupi, Catherine
Darden, Ellen and Steven
Fish, Beth
Fuerst, David
Manzini, Leslie
Pruitt, Billie
Meade, John and Christine
RCH Mechanical Solutions
Robinson, Kathleen
Slade, Lindley
Tedder, Steven and Barbara
Tucker, Frances
Walters, Roland
Giving Assistant
Blumenstein, Mark
Boyd, Jesse
George, Laura
Gottfredson, Michael and Emily
Rickman, Patti
Tessar, Brittney
Toomey, Jim and Alicia
Wilkinson, Jessica
Bachmeyer, Robin