Welcome to Team Clean Stream

We're bringing River Clean-Ups to YOUR back yard through an Adopt-A-Stream style River clean Up.
Continue reading to learn how you can become a self-certified River Boss

Before You Go

  • Pack sturdy footwear (no flip flops!), gloves, sunscreen, first aid kit, and a life vest (personal floatation device or PFD).
  • Eat a good breakfast.
  • Drink lots of water.

During the Cleanup

  • Always wear your PFD in the boat and make sure it's snug!
  • Stay aware of all of the members in your group. Buddy System
  • Keep an eye out for sharp objects such as metal, glass, and needles.
    DO NOT try to pick up any needles. Report their location to the local sheriff's department
  • Be careful carrying your trash bag because sharp objects can rip the bag and pose a danger.
  • Keep an eye out for hurtful plants (poinsy ivy!), wildlife (snakes!), and places with loose footing (debris piles!).

After the Cleanup

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