We’re protecting and preserving our river and watershed for decades to come. 10,000 acres of land, 60 miles of shoreline — and counting.

Every acre we can secure. Every mile we can protect. When it comes to preserving our irreplaceable natural resources, the New River Conservancy is a committed and collaborative advocate for conservation. Our accreditation with the Land Trust Accreditation Commission — awarded to land trusts that meet the highest national standards for excellence and conservation permanence — allows us to purchase land and donate it back to the public for all to enjoy. Since the 1990s, we have worked closely with the New River State Park to add over 1688 acres of land to the park, among other projects.

John Copeland

Land & Water Quality Manager

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Land Protection Strategies

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Bargain Sale

A landowner may sell a tract of land or a conservation easement to NRC for a price below market value and receive tax benefits based on the cost reduction of the land. The bargain sale price is considered a donation and eligible for tax benefits.

Donation of Land

A landowner may donate land to NRC to receive various tax incentives. The title is deeded to NRC, so the landowner will know the land will be permanently protected, and the landowner is eligible for tax benefits.

Fee Simple Purchase

NRC may purchase a tract of land for its appraised price. The landowner receives fair market value for the land, but does not get any tax benefits.

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Interested in learning more?

Please fill out this interest form so that we can place you with the designated coordinator for each program or project. If you are interested in our various land protection strategies or have other questions, please contact John Copeland at john@newriverconservancy.org for more information.

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Landowner Conservation

Are you a landowner who wishes to protect property for future generations? The NRC team works with landowners like you to sell or donate property with the goal of creating a permanent sustainable management plan or conservation easement — a deeply impactful way to preserve land for centuries. Through programs like these, the New River Conservancy has been able to protect nearly 10,000 acres of land and more than 60 miles of river, including adding nearly 1700 acres to our beloved New River State Park. Help us grow the protected land that surrounds the New River, a powerful way to show your dedication for the river that gives so much to us.

The IRS allows two principal forms of tax benefits for donations or conservation easements:

Income Tax Deductions

The donation must be made to a qualified organization exclusively for one of the defined conservation purposes:

  • Preservation of land areas for outdoor recreation by, or the education of, the general public.
  • Protection of a relatively natural habitat of fish, wildlife, or plants, or similar ecosystem.
  • Preservation of certain open space (including farmland and forest land).
  • Preservation of historically important land or certified historic structure.

Estate Tax Benefits

Estate tax exclusion from federal estate taxes of up to 40% of the value of land under conservation easement. The exclusion is capped at $500,000. The easement may be given by a landowner who has owned his land for at least three years, by a family member, or the executor of the estate of such a landowner.

Virginia State Tax Benefits

A landowner who takes a charitable gift deduction for a conservation easement or fee simple land donation on a federal tax return also receives the same diminution in taxable income for state income tax purposes.

Land Preservation Credit-Virginia allows a tax credit of an amount equal to 40 percent of the value of a qualified gift of easement or land. Tax credits may be carried forward up to 10 years after the year of donation.

Our Projects

The New has been here since the very beginning. We’ll make sure it’s here for the rest of time.

Through our Accredited Land Trust Program, NRC has helped to protect nearly 10,000 acres of land and over 60 miles of rivers through land conservation, permanent sustainable management plans, and conservation easements. We have worked closely with the New River State Park to add over 1688 acres of land to the park to be permanently protected and accessible to the visitors and local community. One of our priorities is to ensure the land is both permanently protected and available to the community to enjoy. In 2022 alone, we secured a mountain, a park and a forest. These acquisitions help us protect areas in and around the New River by donating them to a government entity that will protect them in perpetuity.

Piney Creek, NC

River Ridge Cattle Company Conservation Easement

River Ridge Cattle Company Conservation Easement

Todd, NC

Todd Island Easement

Todd Island Easement

Helton, NC

Thomas Family Farm Conservation Easement

Thomas Family Farm Conservation Easement

Todd, NC

Green Valley Community Park Acquisition

Green Valley Community Park Acquisition

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Our Projects

When you give, the river lives.

We’re in a time when, as a society and a people, we’re faced with important decisions. It’s incredibly exciting and motivating to think that the choices and investments we make today could protect water and land for generations well beyond our own. Donors to the New River Conservancy forge a legacy that’s as meaningful as any other point in the river’s history — perhaps even more.

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John Copeland

Land & Water Quality Manager