Meet our Supporters

2020 Contributions

Listed by amount as of June 30, 2020

National River Society ($2500+)
Annie Pardue
Charitable BB&T
Larry and Sandra McGee
Chip and Judy Anderson

American Heritage River Society ($1,000 - $2,499)
Michael and Elizabeth O'Connor
George and Annette Bednosky Santucci
Andrew and Pam Guion
Community Lifestore
James G. and Mary Lily Nuckolls

Wild and Scenic River Society ($500 - $999)
Mike and Fanny Stronach Horn
Laura and Jeff Arnold Walters
Hanes and Lida Boren
Henry and Dyeann Jordan
Dee and Joel Carter
Handwerke Elkland Handwerke
Frank Gailor
Ann and Richard Claus Goette
Peter and Patricia Huber
Scott and Mary Jones
John McKinnon

Oustanding Resource Water Society ($300 - $499)
Laura and James Green
GlaxoSmithKline GlaxoSmithKline
Michael and Catherine Aiken
Barbara and Mike Gardner
Jonathan Halsey
Donald and Mary Hart
Canoes Zaloo's Canoes
Front Porch

Candy Darters ($150 - $299)
Foundation Anne
David and Staci Braun
W. Donald Carroll
Karen and Bill Fioramonti
Mark and David Kellam
Rob Mitchell
Llyn and Bob Miller Sharp
Nancy and Bob Sumner
Canoe Carolina
Traylor and Diana Renfro
Dan and Kathleen Clarke-Pearson
John and Debbie Kovacich
Arnold and Rebecca Lakey
John and Ellen Lumpkin
Beth and Fred Carlisle Obenshain
Michael and Antha Reid
Todd and Inga Solberg
Rob and Harriet Meinecke
Richard and Nancy Belton
Joseph and Eileen Elrod
Susan and Kevin McCarter
Melissa Nunnink
Wade and Kathy Reece
Dick and Wardene Statham

New River Shiners ($50 - $149)
The White Water Women of Virginia Tech
George Ohrstrom
Richard and Joyce Rouse
Karen Sheets
C. Spears and Joyce Alexander
Denoe Ashby
Shandon Benedict
Mark and Karen Bollinger
Doug Brown
John and Patricia Brown
Laura Bullard
Richard and Patricia Burgess
Laura and Alan Burrows
Lynn and Paul Caldwell
Louise Cherry
Roger Clark
Water Claytor
Ida Maude or Alison Huskey Collins
Amelia and Jenny Wiley Compton
Faison Covington
Jeff and Janet Crook
Bobby and Connie S Downes
Ian and Jane Dunbar
Rick and Kim Ehrhart
Laura and Michael Madritch England
Richard Estes
Ron Foreman
Alton and Carolyn Sakowski Franklin
Robert and Cheryl Roberts Franklin
Joseph and Silvia Lizama Gillis
Stephen Gurganus
Valerie Nicole and Robert Bradley Staley Hague
Charlotte Hanes
James and Jane Hanes
Edward Hinson
Laurie Holloway
Steven and Cathy Johnson
James and Alice Kelley
Jonathan and Anne Kotch
Robert and Jane Lassiter
Alan and Deborah Leet
Elisabeth and Peter Lovett
Mike and Kari Lusk
John MacConnell
Gene Maples
Evelyn McClary
Lynn and Jim McClary
Christian Nielson
Joe and Angela Parrish
Bob Pearson
Gregg and Lori Rogers
James Ruffing
Susan and John Saad
Andrew and Amanda Slade
Joseph and Linda Slade
Joanne and James Smith
Fannie and Virginia Dodd Watson
Joel and June Weaver
Dewey Wells
Sherry Wyatt
David and Karen Yolton
Bill and Laura Barrier
Lillian and Nicholas Sutcliffe
Jason Walls
Bruno and Anna Niemitz
Mona Hanlin
Fred and Clare Jordan
Chelsea Blount
David and Martha Branyon
Bill and Kathy Cissna
Mark and Paula Domske
Jeremiah Johnson
Joyce Thompson Kilby
Tech RCH
Bill and Jane Tucker
Catherine Cotrupi
Charlie and Betty Sutton Whittle
Anna and Bill Parker Ziegler
Zach Armentrout
Misty Dyke
Jeff Grass
Belinda Mitchell
David and Susan Nickell
Paul and Jean Wilson
Lonnie and Carol Coulter
Anita Henderson
Jeanne Kirkpatrick
Larry and Levine Family Found Special Acct Levine
Laura Petche
of US
Scott Ballard
Rennie and Lana Brantz
John Bryan
Anne Copenhaver
Virginia Cox
Rose Dargan-Powers
Paula Dinnerstein
Paul and Jeanne Dunn
Eleanor Eldreth
Franklin and Betty Garland
William and Joellyn Gibbons
David and Sheryl Green
Rhonda and Mike Herman
Marcia and Doug Berg Herman-Giddens
Harry and Rosemary Julian Jones
Warren and Susan Jones
Ron and Alice Linville
Charlie and Nancy Maus
Chuck and Debbie May
Calvin and Katrina Miller
Chris Miller
David Miller
Robert and Marilyn Butler Nichols
Rodney L. and Louise S. Law Pace
Mike Pinder
Lynn and Hugh Rees-Jones
Ingrid and Gary Ruppalt
James Sebastian
Melanie Seiler
William and Linda Shawcross
Stephen Trail
Tracy and Jill Wagner
Connie and Frank White

Kanawha Minnows ($1 - $49)
Dianne Roberge
Ginger and Dan Jones
Joe and Pamela Mickey
Linda Yarnell
Sandra Adams
Ruth Jordan Ashe
Barbara Aycock
Ellis Aycock
Donald and Mary Bays
Brandi Bryant
Ellen and Steven Darden
Mary Lou Green
Robert Green
Elsie Hall
Missy Jacobs
Dixie and Mimi Leonard
Jeff and Rose Martin
Frances O'Banion
Richard and Mary Shaw
Beverly Flemming
Scott Williams
Doug and Linda Worsham
Gary Finkle
Ruth Renfro
Ronald and Shari Rognstad
Jean Elliott
Renee Fortner
Kerren Hall
Jon and Suzanne Hanna
Peter Johnson
United United
Brad and Gwen Rich
Brittney Tessar