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The New River is a Natural Wonder

It’s our honor to protect its waters, woodlands and wildlife.

We never see the New as just a river.

It is the waters and everything within and along them. The woodlands, the wildlife, our life. An ancient, 360-mile waterway connecting North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia. Recognized as one of the most scenic and most historic in America. Older than the Appalachian Mountains — and yet New, every time we visit.

With the New River at our feet, think of all that flows our way:

the explorations and adventures, the community, the serenity, the source of life. The New River watershed is home to some of the most biologically diverse species in the world — and its health is interconnected with our own. As a knowledgeable, grateful and passionate protector, the New River Conservancy uses land preservation strategies and science-based restoration programs to protect this irreplaceable national treasure that connects us and feeds us — mind, body, and soul.

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