Come explore all the New has to offer, hands on.

The New River is an ancient river system that’s been around longer than almost any other. One of the oldest rivers in the world, it predates the Appalachian Mountains and stretches for more than 320 miles through North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia. The New River crosses the Continental Divide and, ultimately, flows into the Gulf of Mexico.

Claytor Lake, VA. Photo Jeremy Riffe

The New River... like no other..

With some of the most biologically diverse species in the world, the New River watershed is unique to almost any other. It has seven endemic species that can only be found in the New River Watershed and nowhere else in the world. Because the river has been preserved, much of its biodiversity is intact. In addition, many areas along the river are still rural and undeveloped, with the land and the culture able to persist and support the health of the river.

As a result of a grassroots effort in 1978 to protect the New River from a dam, the West Virginia section of the New and its surrounding gorge was protected as part of the National Park System, joining the ranks of our most treasured sites, such as the Civil War Battlefield at Gettysburg and the natural wonders of Yellowstone. In Fall 2021, the New River Gorge was officially named one of America’s newest national parks.

The New isn’t just a relic of history — it’s one of nature’s incredible playgrounds. Visitors come from all over to float the river, hike, bike, enjoy wildlife, explore historic towns, or go for a scenic drive. From white water rafting to bird watching, there’s always something New to experience.

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