When you give, the river lives.

We’re in a time when, as a society and a people, we’re faced with important decisions. It’s incredibly exciting and motivating to think that the choices and investments we make today could protect water and land for generations well beyond our own. Donors to the New River Conservancy forge a legacy that’s as meaningful as any other point in the river’s history — perhaps even more.

Every day, we make a promise to you and to ourselves: to be good stewards of our financial gifts just as we are stewards of the river itself. Our track record for putting grants and donations to work shows the collective impact of the New River Conservancy and its supporters. Year after year, more than 90% of our gifts are directed to actionable programs that protect and improve the quality of the New River and the quality of life along its watershed.

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Bring New meaning to your life.

You don’t have to be a water enthusiast or environmentalist to appreciate the importance of the New River to our health as a community.

We see a parallel between the way the river is connected to our lives and the way our lives are connected to the river, an undeniable oneness that we hope to reflect in the way our organization works: We want to bring people together to share in the challenges, the opportunities and in the possibilities of the New, and we hope you’ll join us.

We offer three tiers of membership, and four tiers of society membership.


Kanawha Minnows $35
New River Darters $50
Candy Darters $150


Outstanding Resource Water Society $300
Wild & Scenic River Society $500
American Heritage River Society $1000
National River Society $2,500

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Your gift, your legacy

A legacy gift can be an expression of gratitude and vision of hope for the future. The NRC Edmund Ivan Adams Legacy Society recognizes those individuals and families who have remembered New River Conservancy in their estate plans through a documented planned gift. We can work with you and your estate planning professional to help you identify areas where your gift can make the most impact. To learn more about how to expand your gift through planned giving opportunities, please contact…

Types of Planned Gifts:

Bequest or Will

The easiest way of making a planned gift. You can designate a specific amount, a percentage of your estate or a specific asset.

Life Income Gifts

Charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts are examples of a life income gift and generally reduce or eliminate certain taxes and guarantee an income for life.

Life Insurance

Life insurance can be used to make your gift. You can designate New River Conservancy as owner and beneficiary of an existing policy that you no longer need or you can purchase a new policy and designate New River Conservancy as beneficiary.

About Ed Adams


In 1970, Ed moved his young law practice to Sparta, NC, and began representing Ashe, Alleghany and Grayson Counties in opposition to the Blue Ridge Project — twin hydroelectric dams that would have inundated more than 50,000 acres of the best farmland along the New River. Ed became devoted to the “dam project,” understanding its irrevocable impact on the economy, culture and ecology of this remarkable landscape. He testified before the Interior Committee of both the U.S. House and Senate and appeared with Attorney General Edmisten before the District of Columbia Circuit. Ed was present in the Rose Garden when President Gerald Ford signed the Bill designating the 26.5 mile segment of the New River as part of the Wild and Scenic Rivers system, halting the dam project. In honor of his service, in 2008 Ed became the first recipient of the Wallace and Peggy Carroll Vigilance Award. Ed was a founder of the National Committee for the New River — now the New River Conservancy — with stints as Director and President. Read more about our origin story here. Over the years, he donated countless hours of pro bono work to the organization, establishing land trusts and other protections for property along the river. By making a planned gift to the Edmund Ivan Adams Legacy Society, you, too, can play an important role in protecting and preserving this significant natural resource. Your gift will support the Conservancy in our work to safeguard the waters, woodlands and wildlife of the New River watershed for future generations.