Our connection to the river runs deep. So does our responsibility to protect it.

The New River is an ancient river system that’s been around longer than almost any other. One of the oldest rivers in the world, it predates the Appalachian Mountains and stretches for more than 320 miles through North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia.

This is what we fight to protect, so that along every part of the river, nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts and wildlife can continue to enjoy all that is unique to the New. Preservation and restoration is critical, persistent work. Research and data collection is ongoing, providing the knowledge we need to carry out our work from an informed perspective. Engagement with river lovers, recreators, policy makers and local community members helps us raise awareness and support. Each day, we move these efforts forward. We are grateful for your partnership as you walk beside us.

Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, an environmentalist or simply someone who cares about our natural resources, there are many ways to engage in the enjoyment and support of the New River and its watershed. The New River Conservancy will help you connect to the opportunities that are the most meaningful and accessible to you. Know that we need you, we welcome you.

Interested in helping to protect the New River? Take a look at ways you can engage, including giving, volunteering, and partnering. 

Other ways to connect, share your voice and make an impact

Membership, fundraising and social gatherings create a sense of community and connection. View our calendar for upcoming events and opportunities.

New River Clean Water Alliance

In the West Virginia region, the New River Clean Water Alliance works with local communities to identify issues, incorporate community input, focus priorities, and set the stage for improving water quality in the Lower New River Gorge Region.

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