We’re bringing New meaning to working together.

Being a supporter of the New River, means we are a supporter of the water and all of the life along it — including yours. We see our job as an opportunity to protect the river while connecting our river community, and a strong sense of connection is important. That’s why we’re extending our hand, and as a result, our reach, to more people and organizations, helping bridge the conversations and opportunities that will increase awareness and the drive to help, no matter your role. Ecologists, nature lovers, adventure seekers, philanthropists, students and teachers, businesses, lobbyists, landowners, government officials, and people of every background, race, age and ability — everyone can help protect and improve the river.

Doug Blatny, North Carolina State Parks, New River State Parks, whose energy, love, and commitment to the natural world has inspired countless others to pick up the torch. We miss him every day.

When the federal government expressed a goal to move our country to more green building projects, the NRC helped certify 35 governmental engineers and contractors in green infrastructure engineering. When universities, such as Appalachian State, Radford and Virginia Tech, come to us with the next generation of biologists, conservationists and green innovators, we become the center of their course curriculums and allow them to inspire our thinking as much as we’ve inspired them.

The New welcomes us and depends on us all.

Small business support

We’re here for business owners who want to access resources to grow their business in environmentally conscious ways. Get in touch with our Executive Director, Elizabeth Underwood at elizabeth@newriverconservancy.org so that we can support your desire to be more sustainable.