Grants and donations flow right to the source.

Every day, we make a promise to you and to ourselves: to be good stewards of our financial gifts just as we are stewards of the river itself. Our track record for putting grants and donations to work shows the collective impact of the New River Conservancy and its supporters.

Year after year, more than 90% of our gifts are directed to actionable programs that protect and improve the quality of the New River and the quality of life along its watershed.

As focused and committed stewards of the funding we receive, we’re able to make great things happen for the river and for us all. In 2022 alone, we purchased a mountain, a park and a forest – acquisitions that allowed us to protect areas in and around the river for the long term and make them accessible for visitors to enjoy.

We always have important updates to share and stories to tell, and we want you to feel connected and informed. Watch for our communications and share them with your network so that we can reach more people and grow our impact.