At the New River Conservancy, our connection to the river runs deep. So does our responsibility to protect it.

We never see the New as just a river. The New is the waters, the watershed and everything within them. The woodlands, the wildlife, the way we live. It is our responsibility and privilege to protect the river and its tributaries, and we hope you feel inspired to join us.

We’re a protector of the river and a partner to the people, helping you thrive together.

The water, woodlands and wildlife of the New River are core to our very way of life — a cornerstone of our regional economy, supporting river-based tourism and helping sustain agriculture. They connect us to a rich cultural heritage centuries in the making, help form our identity as communities and businesses of the New, and serve as a critical factor in securing a strong and viable economic future.

The NRC is more than a conservancy. We’re an ally. A bridge builder.

Being a supporter of the New River, means we are a supporter of the water and all of the life along it — including yours. We see our job as an opportunity to protect the river while connecting our river community, and a strong sense of connection is important. That’s why we’re extending our hand, and as a result, our reach, to more people and organizations, helping bridge the conversations and opportunities that will increase awareness and the drive to help, no matter your role. Ecologists, nature lovers, adventure seekers, philanthropists, students and teachers, businesses, lobbyists, landowners, government officials, and people of every background, race, age and ability — everyone can help protect and improve the river. The New welcomes us and depends on us all.


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