Appalachian State Students Bring Microplastics to DC

Appalachian State Students Bring Microplastics to DC

During the Fall semester, a group of students from the Appalachian Studies and Nursing programs collaborated with New River Conservancy on their project titled “Water, Art and Public Health of the Upper New River Watershed.” This project aimed to look into the various ways microplastics is prevalent in the New River, how it impacts health and how people can educate on its risks.


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After months of studies and creating artwork, the students presented their findings to the New River Conservancy staff and the public in mid-November. This presentation allowed students to sharpen their presentation skills and knowledge before presenting in Washington, DC.

The faculty and students have graciously agreed to share their findings with the wider public. If you are interested in their PowerPoint, you can read it below.

Microplastics Presentation


Dr. Tammy Haley and Tom Hansell

Jesse Barber, Faith Bokeno, Kevin Freeman, Madison German, Megan Hall, Katie Hoffman, Cathy Kramer, Sierra Lockamy, Sarah Mace, Yndiana Montes, Anna Morton, Sammy Osmond, Camden Phillips, Noel Seversky, Steve Trinkle, and Katey Vandernoord