Blue Ridge Trout Unlimited welcomes NRC Executive Director

Blue Ridge Trout Unlimited welcomes NRC Executive Director

The Winston-Salem Blue Ridge Trout Unlimited (BRTU) Chapter #702 welcomed Elizabeth Underwood, New River Conservancy (NRC) Executive Director, to their November 2023 meeting to discuss conservation in the region. They met at Little Richards Smokehouse BBQ in Winston-Salem.   With a mission To protect and restore North America’s trout and salmon fisheries and their watersheds,” Trout Unlimited is a natural fit with NRC.

Underwood discussed ongoing conservation efforts by NRC of stream restoration, protection of hellbender habitats and other aquatic species protection, as well as intentional access points along the New River.  As conservationists, we need to ensure that all recreational accesses are resilient and don’t contribute to the degradation of the New River. Addressing eroded riverbanks and ridding the New River of threats to water quality is meaningful, hands-on work that makes a tremendous difference for the river we all love.  BRTU recently worked on stream bank restoration in Todd, NC, which originated their reach out to NRC and Underwood coming to speak with them.

While NRC restores creeks and streams in the New River Watershed, BRTU has been doing the same in the Yadkin River Watershed, as well as forays into the New River Watershed.  On the Mitchell River, a tributary to the Yadkin River, BRTU has big goals of restoration.  Some of those goals include reducing sediment and repairing flood damage in the delayed harvest section, collection of monofilament, trash removal, and creating easier access to the river.  Many of these goals have already been achieved. In January 2022 the chapter planted a 1000 willow live stakes for bank stabilization as well as 400 trees to provide shade and lower the temperature of the water.   Blue Ridge Trout Unlimited has installed data loggers, sediment boxes, and gauges in the Mitchell River to monitor sediment deposits and temperature. They are continuing efforts to ensure the Mitchell River can support trout well into the future. Learn more about their efforts here.

Trout Unlimited is an American non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of freshwater streams, rivers, and associated upland habitats for trout, salmon, other aquatic species, and people. The Winston – Salem Blue Ridge Chapter #072 of Trout Unlimited was chartered June 26, 1970 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, as a chapter of the national association, Trout Unlimited.  North Carolina Council of Trout Unlimited works with many partners in our effort to conserve and protect our cold water resources.​ Regardless if you fly fish, spin fish,  just love to look at trout or know that clean water for trout means clean water for humans. With over 4000 miles of trout streams in the state and 4600 Trout Unlimited Members across the State, we still have plenty of room for new members.


Blue Ridge Trout Unlimited hosts a stream bank repair workshop on the Mitchell River.

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