Meet Jessica Rothe

Board of Directors

Jessica Rothe is an accomplished professional in the field of recreation and wellness, currently serving as the Associate Director of Student Recreation and Wellness at Radford University. Her passion for outdoor activities and leadership began during her time as a student at Radford University, where she pursued a major in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism, with a concentration in Outdoor Recreation and Leadership. She became a Leave No Trace Master Educator, Wilderness EMT, and Wilderness First Responder during this time.

Continuing her pursuit of knowledge, Jessica furthered her education at Frostburg State University, obtaining a master’s degree in Recreation and Sports Management. Throughout her academic journey, she demonstrated a strong commitment to experiential education and was actively involved as the treasurer of the Association of Experiential Education. Living alongside the New River, Jessica’s love for the outdoors knows no bounds. She is an avid swimmer, enjoys leisurely floating, and finds solace in kayaking and white-water rafting. Her passion for outdoor activities goes hand in hand with her education to promoting wellness and recreation among students at Radford University.

In addition to her deep connection with nature, Jessica has a profound love for dogs. Her four-legged companions are not only her loyal friends but also her adventure buddies, accompanying her on hikes and outdoor escapades.

As an enthusiastic advocate for community engagement, nature conservation and student integration, Jessica plays a pivotal role in organizing and participating in vents that celebrate the beauty of the New River. One of the highlights of her involvement is the Highlander Float” event, held every August. This event serves as a warm and inviting welcome to new students, introducing them to the wonders of the New River and the surrounding area. Through this event, Jessica fosters a sense of belonging and camaraderie among the incoming students, encouraging them to embrace the outdoor opportunities that Radford University’s location has to offer.

Jessica’s dedication to fostering wellness, recreation, and a sense of togetherness has left a lasting impact as she continues to uplift and empower students, ensuring that they have access to enriching experiences that will shape their lives for years to come.