Meet Jordan Ulmer

Stewardship Coordinator

Jordan has always loved and believed in the power of nature and science. From spending her time as a child exploring the woods and creeks near her home and catching frogs, lizards, and salamanders and asking for scientific gadgets for her birthdays to present day, where her love of nature and her passion for protecting the environment has led her to pursuing B.S. degrees in Environmental Science with an Earth Systems concentration and Evolutionary, Environmental, and Ecology Biology, as well as minors in Atmospheric Science and Physics as a senior at Appalachian State University.

Jordan loves to spend time outside hiking, camping, and kayaking, often with her family and her Australian cattle dog Boone in tow.

As Stewardship Coordinator for the NRC, Jordan hopes to use her experience and to share her love of the New River with all those who wish to help protect it.

“A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence.” – James N Watkins