Meet Pete Huber

Leadership Development Committee

Pete Huber’s childhood prior to the 4th grade was spent abroad where his father served in the US Foreign Service. In 1964 the family moved to McLean, Virginia, where his mother still resides. He holds a B.A. degree in Land-Use Planning from Emory and Henry College and M.A.T. Degree in Geography from Appalachian State University.

Following college and prior to coming to Pulaski, Pete worked two years each as a cartographer and planner at Mount Rogers Planning District Commission, zoning administrator and planner for the City of Parkersburg, WV, and as town manager for the Town of Saltville, VA.

Pete Huber retired in 2017, having served 16 years as Pulaski County Administrator and 14 years as Assistant County Administrator, focusing on economic development. Following retirement Pete began teaching the Spring semester Local Economic Development Planning class in the Virginia Tech Local Government Certificate program.

Since retiring, he joined the Berkley Group, and has enjoyed various interim administration opportunities including the Town of Amherst, VA; Virginia’s First Regional Industrial Facility Authority and most recently in Alleghany County, VA.

Pete was instrumental in the creation and organization of our Governmental Task Force, a government subcommittee consisting of local government managers located along the New River. The purpose of this committee is to provide a means for local government officials to coordinate with each other regarding issues affecting the New River and to foster partnerships between the Conservancy and localities in working together to improve the New. Our goal is to foster communication, cooperation and collaboration between localities and the Conservancy.

Pete Huber was the recipient of our Doug Blatny Award July 2023, which recognizes outstanding volunteer work in dedication of the natural world.